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The Inspiration Behind Lü PUSA

In today’s world, where the environment and our health are increasingly under threat, it’s more important than ever to make conscious choices for a better tomorrow.

That’s where Lü PUSA (綠菩薩, literally “Green Bodhisattva”) comes in – a brand that’s dedicated to making a real difference by embracing non-toxic farming practices for the benefit of all living things.

Our journey started in 2020, inspired by the Eastern concept of “bodhisattva” (pusa 菩薩) – the belief that we can attain full enlightenment by working for the benefit of all beings. Our vision for Lü PUSA is to put this philosophy into action by working towards a healthier world through sustainable, non-toxic farming practices.

Non-Toxic Farming: The Lü PUSA Way

At Lü PUSA, we believe that non-toxic farming is the only way forward. That’s why we use no pesticides, no herbicides, and no chemical fertilizers on our farm. By embracing manual weeding, we ensure that the animals and insects living in the mountains can thrive in a pollution-free environment.
Our commitment to non-toxic farming has yielded amazing results. Our farm is now home to a vibrant ecosystem, teeming with animals and insects. We’ve even captured footage of a once-endangered Chinese muntjac walking up our farm trail. By choosing Lü PUSA, you’re not just choosing high-quality products – you’re also supporting a healthier environment.

High-Quality Plant Materials for a Healthier You

We believe that what’s good for the Earth is good for your body. That’s why we only use the highest quality plant materials in our products. Our soaps are made with simple, natural ingredients that are more biodegradable than synthetic chemical alternatives. 
With Lü PUSA, you can trust that you’re getting only the essentials. We keep our ingredients list short and simple, avoiding any needless additives that could harm your health or the environment. 

Our bestseller Aloe Vera Renewing Facial Cleanser has just 12 ingredients, 10 of which are plant-based, and was honored with the Gold Award from Monde Selection in 2022 and 2023 . With Lü PUSA, you can rest assured that you’re making a healthy and responsible choice.

Our Non-Toxic Promise: SGS-Tested and Bug-Approved

At Lü PUSA, we stand behind our commitment to non-toxic farming. That’s why we submit our raw plant materials for SGS testing each year. Aloe, mugwort, Indian borage, lemongrass, and all other plants used in our soaps have passed SGS testing for 380 agrichemicals. We take pride in offering products that are bug-approved and SGS-tested, for the ultimate peace of mind.

Choose Us for a Better Future

We’re on a mission to create a healthier, more sustainable world. In addition to soaps, we are launching food products in 2023. By choosing Lü PUSA, you’re not just choosing high-quality, plant-based products – you’re also choosing to support a movement for a better tomorrow. Join us today, and make a difference for yourself and for the world.

All beings are inheretly the same.
We all share a common home in nature
and an innate desire for freedom.

Lü PUSA Farmers

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