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Our Philosophy

Non-toxic Farming

No pesticides or herbicides are allowed on our farm, so animals, birds, and insects can live here freely! High-quality plant materials begins with our commitment to caring for all forms of life.

Herbal Essence

We extract the essence from our plants, blend it with finely ground, low-temp dried herbal powder, and use our catalytic technique to unleash their full vitality, providing ultimate care for your health!

No Needless Additives

Is your skin still consuming a bunch of synthetic additives, such as artificial colorings, fragrances, preservatives, and petroleum-based surfactants? Our products don't use any of these to be kind to our body and our Earth.

Protecting Nature, Embracing Wellness.


About Lü PUSA

Starting an Eco-friendly Farm from Scratch

Hello, everyone! We’re Lü PUSA’s farmers. A few years ago, we left our comfort zone and ventured into farming in the mountains. Our aim was to grow a variety of herbs while adopting non-toxic farming practices to protect the environment for all creatures.

Without any prior experience in agriculture, we had to begin from scratch. Along this journey, we’ve faced setbacks and challenges, but there have been pleasant surprises and rewarding moments. Today, our farm has taken shape, teeming with various animals, birds and insects, and our efforts are starting to yield tangible results!

Contact Us

For inquiries about collaboration or more information about our products, feel feel to drop us a message!

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